Storage Wall Systems

Built for rugged durability, our industrial workbenches stand up to the harshest work environments. With their flexible selection of standard components and cost-effective custom configurations, our industrial workbenches are ready to serve you - and to conquer whatever challenges you throw at them.

  • Infinite configuration: combine drawers, shelves, roll-out trays, and wide-span beams for the ideal item storage and retrieval solution to your specific application; easily reconfigurable for future flexibility
  • Custom shelving and partitioning: custom design each section of the system to match the size of the items you're storing
  • Total vertical storage: 6 standard heights of up to 10 feet let you maximize the use of available ceiling height for more space-efficient storage
  • Multi-unit installation: several Storage Wall systems can be arranged as multi-story installations with mezzanines for even greater vertical storage and item access
  • Variable door configurations: a variety of door options including sliding, hinged and vertical tambour doors, plus locking systems provide maximum protection of stored items
  • Storage Wall® Roller Shelf: employing standard conveyor rollers and backstop, Roller Shelves provide effortless transport of items up to 770 lbs, and can be retrofitted to existing Storage Wall units; ideal for storing dies, molds and other heavy equipment and parts