E-Z Up

E-SERIES WIDE SPAN Shelving offers state-of-the-art capacity, durability, flexibility and efficiency for all your storage needs. It is a versatile solution, particularly well-suited to industries with a High Volume per SKU ratio(e-commerce, clothing, automotive parts). Ideal for storage of file boxes of important company records. It’s a fully open system, accessible from all sides with a variety of shelf options. Can be easily expanded in both height and/or width to meet ever changing industry needs.

  • Maximize storage efficiency by consolidating small parts
  • Full height drawer dividers avoid spillage into adjacent sku’s while improving volume of inventory per sku
  • Improves visibility of valuable inventory
  • Industrial strength steel drawers offer 450-lbs capacity and a smooth, self-closing feature


E-SERIES WIDESPAN Shelving for Seismic

E-Series Widespan Shelving is tested and conforms to ANSI MH28.2 and CSA S136 standards with a safety factor of 1.56 to 1.95.These systems can be engineered to meet local building code requirements with growth potential. Metalware’s Design & Project Management Department can help you create an efficiently customized storage solution.(continued on the next page)

Features & Benefits


1. Frame connector-up to 4’ deep
2. 12GA roll-formed post 3. Footplate
4. Beam-3’-0”to8’-0”wide 5. Tie bar 6. Steel, wire mesh or wood shelf options

Have you ever thought of using E-Series Widespan Shelving as a regular go-to product? Thinking of transforming your current bays of E-Series Widespan Shelving to a customized multi-tier installation incorporating Integrated Modular Drawers, complete with Metalware stairs, guardrails and pivot gates? Contact your CWE sales representative today for assistance