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Central Warehouse Equipment is a Western Canadian leader in space management consulting and supplier of top quality warehouse storage solutions. We work with our customers to identify specific space and storage requirements; recommending, supplying, installing and maintaining warehouse equipment and accessories

Our customers are mostly industrial and large scale commercial organizations that require efficient organization of products in highly durable construction. We support the design and installation of new shops, warehouses and facilities along with upgrading and moving of existing warehouse equipment.

Personalized Service

We are a full service consulting and design organization, assisting our customers with developing and implementing the most appropriate storage solutions. Central Warehouse Equipment has experts in warehouse layout and operations for various industries, working to build the most efficient layout for your products. This ranges from heavy industry facilities serving oil and gas needs or commercial buildings that interact directly with customers. Our goal is to create strong, safe and efficient spaces for regular use by all industry types across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia.

Top Quality Products

To provide the safest and most durable solutions to our customers, we prioritize our product lines around top quality engineering and craftsmanship. The shelving, pallet racking, cabinets, work benches and tool boxes are all built to last and endure the rugged environments of heavy industrial and commercial warehouses. As part of our promise to our customers, Central Warehouse Equipment will never sacrifices quality and safety.

Wide Product Selection

From our head office in Edmonton, Alberta we supply a variety of products to large and small scale operations, from shelving and storage solutions to basic lockers and safety equipment. The goal of Central Warehousing Equipment is to be the best one stop provider of top quality warehouse products and accessories in Western Canada.

Free estimates and quotes

We are happy to provide free estimates and price quotes for any project, regardless of size.

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